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Terms of Service

As an independent partner of the Company Project Laya you need to understand and accept the following:

I’m full aged in my own country where I live. I agree that I am responsible as an independent partner for the organization of my business activities. Without that, the company monitors me in this case. I am responsible for the payment of taxes, compliance with the law and any other self-employed obligations.

I assure you that I will never speak badly or disrespecting about the company to third persons or parties and all other partners.

As a Project Laya Partner, I follow the company’s instructions for presentations, meetings, and other activities. So I do not harm the company.

The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions with an announcement on the website.

I am always loyal to my partners, the company and all the other partners in the company.

I know that my position cannot be inherited and inherited during my lifetime without written confirmation from the company

I will not use any logos, materials or other holdings of the company without their written permission. Also, I do not modify any parts of the business.

I am responsible for the care and support of my sponsors. I undertake to maintain contact with these persons in writing, personal form or by telephone.

I instruct any of my sponsors about the terms and conditions of the company.

I do not receive any financial support from the company.

In the case of wooing away other persons from the company, the account will be blocked immediately.

In case of questions, I always contact first my sponsor and then the company.

At any point in time, I assure that I would never discuss a conversation about my sponsor’s work or company’s work with third parties for privacy reasons.

I do not deceive other people by misinformation, to get a registration on Project Laya.

Project Laya offers a variety of products & services and is therefore not an investment.

All conversations about partnerships I will lead professionally and seriously.

There is no money back guarantee. No refunds.

Airdrop Rewards are variable and dependent on the sales and growth of the company. Therefore not guaranteed.

A person is allowed to have a max. one active account.

To sell accounts to third parties is forbidden.

The company is entitled to change the Airdrop Rewards at any time for the benefit of the company.

I understand that I can be warned or suspended if you disregard the terms and conditions

I agree that I have read and understood the terms of conditions